The process

Faralda is an artist who is guided by intuition and feeling. By applying the material resin by hand, she literally puts her whole feeling into the painting. With the right music in the background, she sets the resin in motion. Because resin keeps moving until the last moment in the drying process, it is always a surprise how the final artwork turned out. The making of an artwork is really an interplay between Faralda and the material. Faralda determines the direction, the Resin determines the effects.

The artworks will be signed and professionally packaged before sending to the art collectors. Each artwork comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

About me – Faralda Takkenberg

The art of  Faralda Takkenberg reflects the fascinating aspects of the universe. The starry sky with its infinite color palettes, the gray-tinted moon or the dancing northern lights.

Nature is a great source of inspiration for every artwork. For this reason, 10 trees will be planted for every artwork sold. Read more about it here.

Exclusive art collection

Faralda started making Resin Art in 2018. What started as a hobby quickly grew into a company called My Resin for which she makes unique and handmade furniture and home accessories. Soon the desire arose to make exclusive artworks in which she could use all her creativity. The exclusive Faralda Takkenberg art line was created from this wish. Artworks that have character and tell a story. Artworks in which creativity, happiness and tranquility have been put in and have emerged into their own identities.

blauw schilderij f. takkenberg

Contact me

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