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Blue Starry Sky

The magical starry sky is the most fascinating thing there is. This painting shows the magic of the starry sky with an endless amount of stars, some of which sparkle in 22k gold leaf.


This round artwork was created inspired by the beautiful stars of universe. 22K gold leaf gives the artwork an extra sparkle.

Northern Universe

The northern light reflecting in the dizzying universe. Stars all over the place with a sparkling star here and there. This artwork contains 22k gold leaf that represents the sparkle of a star.

Universe Water Reflection

The beautiful universe reflecting on the water. The colors gold, rose gold and silver give a beautiful interplay of colors. Due to special techniques there seem to be waves of water in the artwork. You keep looking at it.

Metallic Northern Light

This round artwork was created inspired by the beautiful colors of the northern light. The metallic colors change in intensity in every light. 

Silver moon

This artwork was created from the inspiration of the moon. Where day and night are the two most contrasting elements of nature, the moon harmonises the two.

Metallic Venus

Gold, silver and rose gold blend beautifully with each other on the black background in this artwork. The sleek, yet flowing marble lines give the painting the planet Venus.

Golden Skylight

The golden skylight is a natural phenomenon that shows the beauty of the world. The golden light that contrasts with the dark evening sky has been the inspiration of this artwork.

Jupiter fraction

Jupiter is the largest planet in the universe. This painting shows a fraction of this beautiful planet.
The natural tones combined with the lines give you a glimpse of the planet up close.

Metallic skylight

In this artwork, gold, silver and rose gold play together to form a whole. The black undertone makes the colors pop but in a subtle way. The pattern is reminiscent of the starry sky in its most beautiful form.